December 15, 2015

Francis Louis Charbonneau, Jr. of ACI and CAI of Canada spoke to The University of Michigan Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy on December 15, 2015 at the invitation of the Procurement Technical Assistance Center. 

The Forum was created to provide training and assistance to companies desiring to become vetted Suppliers for Airbus of France for the new A320 Series of Aircraft being assembled in Mobile, Alabama. 

Mr. Charbonneau will continue to work with the University of Michigan team to provide assistance to suppliers from the United States and Canada.  

​Target Airbus / Cible Airbus:

Assistance for French, Canadian and American new suppliers to Airbus /

Aide pour les nouveaux fournisseurs Français, Canadiens et Américains  à Airbus

February and March 2016 / Février et Mars 2016

Contact ACI for the details / Contactez-nous à ACI pour les détails